KangarooCare | About us
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I’ve started making things when my first child was born, in 2008. I’ve opened the KangarooCare two years later when my second was born. I’ve been wearing these necklaces, and everyone kept commenting on these and asking me what these¬†are. Everyone was impressed by the idea of such functional beaded jewelry, and I thought why not open a shop and start selling them to the other moms. What if I knew that KangarooCare would become our family business!


Now KangarooCare is an internationally registered trademark for nursing & teething necklaces. KangarooCare owns quite a few designs for mama’s jewelry, which makes us unique. Everything at KangarooCare has been handcrafted here in Estonia(Europe). The beads, strings, packaging. It’s essential to me that all that we produce is natural, made by hand and has good vibes. And it does! Can you feel it?